summer learning for preschoolers

Summer Learning for Preschoolers

Posted on July 9, 2020 : Posted in Legacy Academy
summer learning for preschoolers

When people think of summertime learning, they may picture sleepaway camps and other activities for older children. However, toddlers can enjoy a summertime learning structure, too. For toddlers, preschool can fill in the same gap that summer camp fills for older children. Does your toddler need an educational outlet this summer? Then here’s what you need to know about summer learning for preschoolers. 

Summer is a Long Time 

Summer may not seem like a long time for you. Every year, summertime seems to fly away faster than it did the year before. That’s because, as an adult, you experience time differently than you did when you were a child. 

Summertime may not seem like much to you, but three months is a long time if you’re only 24 months old. Your child can do a lot of learning during that time, especially when you think about our next point. 

Crucial Learning Years 

Your toddler is at a crucial point in their brain development. Toddlers learn new things every day. Their brains are growing fast, and it’s important to take advantage of these early learning years. 

One way to do that is to keep your child in preschool throughout the summer. Through a learning program like preschool, your child can learn from qualified professionals who understand how the toddler learning process works. Your child can learn from research-backed, time-tested lessons that are designed to be both engaging and fun. 

Toddler-Appropriate Learning Programs 

Now, let’s get back to that mental image some people have of summertime learning. Are you picturing something like space camp or advanced music lessons? Those are some great options for older children, but preschool programs are especially geared toward the needs of young children. 

Summer Learning Can Reinforce Social Skills 

One of the great things about preschools and summer learning is that they give young children a chance to learn in groups. Toddlers can learn a lot when they’re alone, but when they learn alongside their peers, they also learn valuable social skills. 

By putting your toddler in a group with other children, you can help them interact with others and develop a sense of empathy. 

Keeping Up with the Routine 

Do you plan to have your child in preschool during the fall and spring? In that case, a summer preschool can help your toddler adjust to the idea. By taking your child to preschool, you engage your child in a routine instead of interrupting that routine for three months. 

Summer Learning through Preschool at Legacy Academy 

Whether you’re looking for a summertime preschool experience for your toddler or for excellent childcare in the fall, enrollment is open at Legacy Academy. Here at Legacy, we use a patented curriculum to help children learn during those crucial early childhood years. Our play-based program means that children have fun as they learn. 

Want to learn more about your Legacy Academy options? Start the enrollment process today. You can also contact us if you have any questions.