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Activities, Music, and Foreign Language: Develop your child's talents, and interests, and provide time for creative expression.

In addition to the broad range of activities in our core curriculum, our centers offer several special programs:

Music Class – This weekly music program, taught by a professional music educator, provides children with experiences in song, music, and creative movement. Students gain basic experience with multiple instruments. Classes 3 & 4’s and Junior and Senior Toddlers can explore the wonderful world of music in these 30-minute classes.

French – Students will be taught the basics of the French language including colors, numbers, and everyday objects. They will learn French songs and rhymes, sentence patterns, and simple conversation. Students will also participate in foreign activities relating to the French language and Culture.

P.E/Health – Students will engage in a variety of outdoor physical activities. The goal is to get students active and teach the benefits of good physical health.

Additional Activities that require fees:

Ballet – Students of ages 3-5, who are signed up for ballet, are taught by Creative Movement and Dance. Students will learn ballet and tap dance.

Soccer – Students who are signed up for soccer will participate in the sports and movement program designed to use sports to teach life skills.


Music and Foreign Language Programs